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We offer 3 different types of lasers for liposuction

  • Accusculpt by Lutronics - is a gentle laser ideal for facial tightening and trouble areas such as the jaw, chin, and nasal labial folds.


  • ProV by Sciton- this laser is ideal for large volume areas such as the abdomen or love handles. The ProV will pre-cauterize and liquefy the fat prior to extraction. Local anesthesia is used for laser liposuction and downtime is minimal.


  • Vaser Lipo- is an ultrasonic device that will dislodge the fat without injuring the fat cell. This Ultrasonic device is ideal for fat transfer.


  • TruSculpt 3D-  is a safe, effective, non surgical weight loss.




Remove unwanted tattoos with laser technology. We use a gold standard Picosure by Syneron. This laser emits light in a picosecond, creating a shock wave that fragments the ink oF tattoos of any color.





We have a specific laser for every type of vein from tiny veins on the nose to spider veins and large varicose veins on the legs. We have on staff a vascular surgeon to take care of deep varicose veins through endovascular surgery.


When treating veins a laser will target the specific veins and remove them without penetrating the skin or harming any of the surrounding tissues. Depending on the location of your vein removal, this procedure will generally last from 15 minutes up to an hour.






  • Pixel CO2 (Fractional) - Ideal for fine wrinkles and acne scars. 

Pixel CO2 uses fractional COX technology, leading to visible, high-quality results with little downtime. Not only can it erase wrinkles and acne scars, but can increase your skin quality by tightening previously sunken regions on the face.


  • Erbium - Ideal for large pores and fine lines. 

Erbium laser resurfacing treatments are designed to remove surface-level wrinkles, large pores, and Melasma. This laser resurfacing option can be used on various parts of the body, including hands, face, neck, and/or chest.




Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure that uses a hand-held device to remove hair at the root of the hair follicle. If you are looking for complete hair removal, this will generally take between three to seven sessions.





A Co2 laser is used to remove unwanted moles, warts, and skin tags. The Co2 laser cauterizes the mole removing it typically in only one to 3 treatment.





Products available:

  • Juvederm
  • Radiesse
  • Belotero
  • PRP (Vampire Lift)
  • Botox
  • Xeomin
  • Bellafill





  • Titan - Titan uses infrared light to heat deeper layers of skin, causing existing collagen to retract. When the collagen retracts, you may notice your skin becoming firmer. Over the next few weeks following the treatment, young collagen is encouraged to grow, further thickening your skin and enhancing your features.


  •  Laser Genesis Skin Therapy- Laser Genesis heats the upper dermis and stimulates collagen regrowth. This treatment helps minimize or eliminate the appearance of wrinkles, redness, pores, and scars. 


  • Microdermabrasion - Microdermabrasion is a gentle procedure used to help soften fine lines, wrinkles, smooth coarse skin, minimize the appearance of scarring, decrease the size of pores and the appearance of age spots. 


  • Intense Pulse Light (IPL)- The IPL device emits a blue light to create a range of wavelengths that are tuned to target the previously listed blemishes. Light from the laser is absorbed by either hemoglobin or melanin, causing them to break apart and become absorbed into the body. IPL is used to treat sunspot, reduce redness, rosacea, and melasma and improve facial texture.




OBALON -None surgical gastric bypass for extreme weight loss ( 20 to 50 lb)



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